Film Screening 2017

being-john-malkovich-poster copyOur first public event took place in March 2017 on the campus of the University of Aberdeen. We hosted a screening of the movie Being John Malkovich followed by a discussion about some of the philosophical issues raised by the film. Together with the audience, we tackled a number of interesting questions : Could someone really become John Malkovich (or someone else) for an afternoon? What does it mean to inhabit someone’s first-person perspective? Is having someone else’s first-person perspective the same as being that individual? Is the situation described in the film merely technologically impossible or is it impossible in a stronger metaphysical sense?

Overall, the event was a great success; the movie was interesting, the discussion was thought-provoking and the food was delicious!

public event 2017 photo 2.jpg

Thank you to everyone who attended. We hope to see you again next year! For more information about our upcoming public event, please see Public Lecture 2018.